Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10-10-10 Training #3 D. Rochau

Training Level #3, D. Rochau, Judge

1. Enter working trot, halt at X, salute, proceed working trot
6 = some irregularity in gait, quite straight

2. Track left at C, Left at E, circle left 20m at X
5 = Should be 20m, not 10m

3. Circle right 20M at X, B turn right
5 = on inside shoulder, not 20m yet

4. – 5. Circle right 20m at A, right canter lead first quarter of circle

4. Transition
7 = very smooth

5. Circle
6 = lays on inside rib cage and on forehand

6. E-B Half circle 20m, near centerline working trot, B straight ahead
6 = not enough from behind, more supple

7. A Medium walk
7 = very good activity

8. K-B free walk
8 = good stretch and activity

9. B-M medium walk, M working trot
6 = hollow in trot transition

10. – 11. Circle left 20m at C, left canter lead first quarter of circle

10. Transition
7 =

11. Circle
6 = circle small, but better balance

12. E-B Half circle 20m, near centerline working trot, B straight ahead
6 = well prepared. poll to get low dropping chest

13. C, circle left 20m, rising trot, allowing the horse to stretch forward and downward, shorten reins before C
6 = show more bend

14. Half circle at E 10m to X
X straight ahead, G halt salute.
7 = some wiggly moment, but nice

Rider comments
Gaits = 6
Impulsion = 7
Submission = 7
Rider = 7

Pretty nice except for your 20m circles. Smile. Good luck

Absolutely elated! I giggled with some high glee when I finally retrieved all three tests, and saw this score. My first ride ever on TL#3, with a judge who didn't like my horse in equitation. It rode really easy, except for poor pre-planning on those first two 20m circles at X. Those were entirely my fault - I knew they weren't big enough, but I hadn't studied the test hard enough to know just how big to make them. Ooops!

In final thoughts, I have a better idea just how much I can cram into a two day show. This was all a bit much. I think that this weekend was the last of my Equitation classes. I won't put him, or me, through that, again. There's such a long break between Eq and the tests, and Ransom just has to stand and wait - which isn't good for his body, or his mind. It's horrible for my mind. I fretted and worried, and actually worried myself sick during the break, concerned if I should just pack up and go on home. I'm glad I didn't. I'm also very proud of myself for not running to the office after each test to get scores. I gave Ransom ample breaks, water, hay, and cookies, and rested myself with water and snacks. It was a huge learning curve, and a really awesome trip. Oh yeah, and a spectacular show!

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