Wednesday, October 20, 2010

10-17-10 Ransom's Red ToeNails

I tacked Ransom up in hunt seat. In flat work warmup, I quickly realized I hadn't seen that saddle under me in quite a while.
It's slippery leather
It squeaks a lot
The seat is really shallow
Legs are super shorter
And it automatically perches ya forward if you're not concentrating
=) Fun!

After I got my hunt-sea legs back, R and I set up some trot poles on the circle. Ransom fumbled through them a time or four before realizing they weren't going to give, weren't going to move, and he needed to pay attention to his hooves. We hopped over the pole set a dozen times each way, at least. By the end, Ransom was not tapping them with toes, and I was giggling through them. He actually tried a few times to trot two, and canter OVER the last two at once. Anything to jump, I swear.. =)

Total work, about 45 minutes. When I was untacking, and brushing out the sweaty fuzz, I saw red paint marks on his toes. Okay Ransom, if you wanted your toes painted red, you coulda asked. No need to rub it on yourself off the poles!

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