Wednesday, October 20, 2010

10-19-10 Romeo Demonstrates

I grabbed Romeo, halter, short lunge line, and walked him to the side yard. I let him show Harley "just how it's done."

We worked on all the showmanship pieces, all the in-hand close work. Turns were great, and how I love his showmanship jog. It warms my little heart.

Then I lunged him walk/trot, with LOTS of transitions, and direction changes. Romeo's second cutest trick? Planting his butt and turning sharp on the line at command. I love it! He almost looks like a cutting horse when he hops into the direction change.

We lunged and played for about fifteen minutes. The reason? I watched Harley almost as much as I watched Romeo during this work. I was paying attention to see if Harley was watching.

Now, I don't honestly know if horses learn from each other when humans are involved. That's up for debate. But I know Harley watched intensely, and didn't move much during Romeo's work. Romeo behaved like a saint, thank goodness.

Total, yeah, about 15-20 minutes. Romeo was privately rewarded behind the trailer, out of everyone's sight. Sneaking cookies to praise the littleMan.

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