Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10-10-10 Training #1 D. Rochau

Training Level #1, D. Rochau, Judge

1. Enter working trot, halt at X, salute, proceed working trot
6 = fairly straight, square halt; slight drift before “C”

2. Track left, circle 20m
7 = good energy, nicely connected

3. Working canter left lead between K & A
7 = obedient

4. B Circle Left 20m
6 = falling on forehand

5. Between centerline and B working trot
6 = gets a little deep w/pole but nice flow

6. C medium walk
7 = nicely active

7. Long free walk down the diagonal
7 = good ground cover, and topline stretch

8. "A" working trot
6 = mouth open then relaxed

9. Circle Right 20m
6 = tend to lay on right side, not enough through back

10. Working canter right lead in the corner
7 = nicely on aids

11. "B" circle right 20m
6 = on forehand, needs better bend and suppleness

12. Between centerline and "B" working trot
6 = tend to run past rhythm point then balanced

13. Down "A" centerline, halt, salute.
7 = straight and square

Rider comments
Gaits = 6
Impulsion = 6
Submission = 6
Rider = 7

Nice job. *smiley face* Sweetheart of a horse. Keep enjoying him.

Wow. Talk about a turn-around. She complimented him! She really complimented him! The comments were all fair, and well-spoken. However, I didn't know how I did until it was all over. I absolutely refused to get tests and scores until after all three tests were complete. I figured if she didn't ring the idjit bell, there was no reason to worry about numbers. We were going to put out our best rides possible, and I wasn't going to fret about scores. Talk about shocked when I read TL#1. And it got better. Shockingly better.

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