Thursday, October 7, 2010

10/5/10 Harley Conquers the Lunge Whip

Catching Harley has become a near non-event. If he does trot off, he's easily caught even so. Wrapped Harleys legs, brushed, grabbed the lunge line, and headed off. Ransom had been using the knotted rope halter, so we secretly borrowed Romeo's show blue transport halter. shh.. don't tell Mo!

Harley lunged out pretty, calmly, and minded well. All the turns were good. He's got the hang of the turns on the haunches now, giving me three or four steps with very little pressure to get moving. I'm actually able to keep the lead rope loose for turns on both ends, just waving my hands and applying mental pressure. neat!

I then grabbed the lunge whip, almost hesitating. Without unrolling the loose part, I tapped him with it, rubbed him with it, and had zero reaction. Good! I then unrolled the string, and started gently wiggling it on the ground. No movement. I lobbed it up over his back, and he took a few hesitant steps before settling. Same reaction both ways. Tossed it around front and back legs, and still no reaction. He has finally discovered the lunge whip will not bite him. *whew*

Total about half hour's work and play. He was content to be done at that, and even more satisfied when supper was delivered.

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