Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10/3/10 Harley Says,"

Tphtphtphtpht! Hah, Lady! I see MissJennifer is here to watch me, so I be good boy! I make your owie finger look like a complete accident! Tphtphtphtptht!"

little fart!

With Ransom undressed, cookied lavishly, and hosed down, I walked out to Harley with the halter and lead rope. He scampered to the back of the pasture, but didn't play catch me for long. I was able to easily get him haltered and led back to the trailer.

Grooming? Success. Polo wraps? Non-event. Out to the arena we go.

He lunged excellent. Walk and trot to start out with. Then I showed turns on forehand and haunches, and a little backing up. The turns on the haunches are improving - I had two correct steps heading each direction multiple times. Walked him back to the trot poles, and bounced over those a few times without incident. Asked for canter with a kiss, and got the leads 5 out of 6 times. There were a few bobbles, but nothing that couldn't easily fix with an ease down to trot, and a kiss again.

Flexed him left & right, and swung the end of the lunge line over his back, around his neck, and around legs, all from both sides. Non-event as well.

Total about 25 minutes of exercise. Harley thumbed his nose at the entire prospect of not being able to lunge properly, and was a complete gentleman. Little fart! It's , um , Tuesday , and I'm still sporting a finger knuckle bandaid....

=) Back in action tonight with a brief lunge again, and repeat of all the old activities we've already done, with hopes of improving.


Yankecwgrl said...

Dang you've been busy! Lots O Blog updates!
Who am I to talk, i think I owe a few MONTHS worth!! Maybe some day.....maybe.....

JennyB said...

You had to suspect this would happen. When you want them to do something they will sweetly insist that they have NO idea what you're talking about and vice versa! It sounds like your lil fart is really coming along beautifully, grats!!! lol

~~JennyB, Horsefeathers