Monday, October 4, 2010

10/1/10 Ransom Stickie

In what appeared to be morning protest, Ransom and I rode dressage. It wasn't pretty. It was in fact, ugly.

Transitions? Fail. All three gaits.
Walk? More like pokealong. In a free walk, he was decent. Working walk on any kind of rein contact? Dragging, tripping, ugly.

What finally shook the lazies, was the canter. Forward! Hello! I concentrated hard. What was I doing to encourage THAT much forward motion? My goodness, he was getting after it, hard!

And I caught it. Sit Up! If I slouch my shoulders, without realizing it, my seat is telling him, "go go go go go!" At one point, I sat up tall trying to evaluate what I had done wrong. Suddenly, Ransom eased his canter stride, shortened it, and became very uphill.

So I sat up through the rising trot. A serious improvement. Sat the trot a while - again, sit up tall from my waist up, and his gait improved.

Did the transitions ever get beautiful? Nah.. ugly. But we were going somewhere, and the moving collection improved.

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