Wednesday, October 20, 2010

10-19-10 Ransom to Work

Ransom's red toes have worn off, thank goodness. It'd look so tacky with his dark blue polo wraps and dressage saddle. =)

I rode him through all of his dressage pieces. Walk nice, trot a little stiff, but canter was just lovely. We did argue on a few up transitions, but after a hard half-halt or three, I was able to remind Ransom of his expecations.

With the "pieces and parts" completed, I worked through walk leg yields with great results. Then, I tried to decide between attempting a flying lead change, a simple change, or shoulder-in at walk.

I chickened out, again. The arena has grown grassy, and it's chunky. It seriously needs some discing to even out the dirt and soften the lumpy spots. So, no flying changes, no canter across the diagonal. I'm a chicken...

So I tried some shoulder-ins at the walk. FAIL. I'm not coordinated, or not bright enough to figure it out. This will need some teaching, and some assistance. But we sure tried. I think total I got about three successful steps each direction.

Total dance, 45 minutes.

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