Monday, October 4, 2010

10/1/10 Romeo In the Arena

Go Pony Go Pony Go! I called out to Romeo on the lunge line, tail flung out, prancing about on the lunge line warmup. A complete and total ham.

Romeo sensed at this point in my day, as pony #3, I was getting a little slap happy. From being under water so much I couldn't justify grooming a horse, to a weather day encouraging me to ride all day long, Romeo knew I was happy to be in the tack.

With his western saddle, English bit and running martingale, off we went. He'd tossed his head quite a bit the day before, and I was curious if I could fix it (again).

He was great. He fought the martingale a while, before realizing it wasn't going to give, and then settled. His trots in and out of canter were nicer, smoother. A few disagreements about leads, but also corrected in the ride.

A very nice 45 minutes, serpentines, circles, direction changes, all trotting. Finally, I pushed him into his nice gallop down the arena long sides. Get it! WoooWhee that little guy can go fastfast when encouraged.

All three ponies, and exhausted me, settled in for a long night's rest . We all three were tired, but pleased with ourselves, and our weather.

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