Monday, October 5, 2009

10/03/09 Waiting On The Rain

That waited almost all day to arrive.

I slept in a bit on Saturday, expecting it to be raining in the morning. You see, I had these tentative plans to take Romeo to the town park and play on the trails a while. Haven't done that in a pretty long time, and we both deserved the break. The weather-creeps had been promising rain in the morning, so I made new plans to get a haircut, and then relax at home.

Relax? What's that? Oh! that's right! "Relax" = make a huge-normous batch of dog cookies, wash two loads of clothes, organize piles of horse supply catalogs, clean out the freezers, clean the bathroom, chase the dogs. Right! Relax! That's what they call it!

=) With all of my chores and responsibilities complete for the day, I thought, "Wow, good time to grab Romeo and at least piddle around." Yeah! THEN the sky opens up with heavy rains. That just about darned-there figures. R and I had dinner together, and then took in an evening viewing of "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs". How absolutely funny! Gummy Bears!!!


A Lil' Horse Play said...

I think if someone could open a "indoor" riding trail that would be great! Then I could go for trail rides even if the weather was sucky, lol.
But comes with the territory, right?

BTW, I totally get what you mean by "Relax" it's that way with me a lot of the time, although I have to admit, doesn't sound quit as bad.

Jennifer said...

It wasn't really bad. I got a lot done. Cracked me up I had told R I was going to "relax a while at home", then next I know, I'm running around at warp speed getting all that done.