Friday, October 2, 2009

10/2/09 Ransom's Second Chance

The weather is exquisite here today. Moderate temperatures, low humidity. Might have something to do with that mild cold front that wiggled in here early this morning. No mind, it's beautiful weather. It seems my latest round of rides has brought about a sore lower back, and a slightly bruised tailbone (I think I have Romeo to thank for this "blessing"), but that just wasn't going to stop me. I was determined to enjoy the weather.

And so we did. Ransom reconsidered his goofy speedy spell from Thursday night, and had his mind back on me. Worked out long sets of canter, mostly because I noticed on the lunge warm-up, he kept breaking to trot. Anytime he did this on his own notion at canter today, I pushed him through it. Stayed off the short circles, working only on canter all the way around the arena. Again, forcing him to keep going when he didn't want to. In the canters, he only got to relax back to a trot if he got collected and kept it a while. He tried giraffe-head for a while, and after some bickering with me, I believe gained an appreciation for what "break" meant.

We played this time for nearly an hour, including warmup. In his cool down, I made a good effort to try "long & low" at the trot. If I spread my hands out, he'd drop his cute little head and neck, and keep up at a nice controlled speed. I thought this a good time to try the loose reins again, and see if he'd just run of like a booger. No such luck today. Either tired, or happy about the weather, Ransom gave out a very nice steady trot whether on collection, on a long rein, or on a loose rein.

Must be the weather. Hoping to sneak a short run on Romeo tonight before sunset. However, here it is, 2:15, I haven't had lunch, I need to pick trailer mats at TSC, install them, and mow the grass.. Uh Oh... Might not be Romeo's day.

Forecasters are calling for quite the fantastic rain storm tomorrow. Must plan accordingly. Where did I leave my galoshes....swish swish swish


Yankecwgrl said...

What a good boy!

You must post about the bruised bumm!


Jennifer said...

It's up in the first paragraph. I suppose I could elaborate, but who needs that much embarassment? LOL