Wednesday, October 21, 2009

YouTube, Bill Maher, For Discussion

My Sister's Farmhouse opened up the flood gates again, with some movie reviews. I watched the video - check this out. A very interesting discussion. I'll leave the homeschooled debate, and her review of other movies out, and just focus on the one mentioned called "Jesus Camp". I've not seen the movie, don't plan to. What I found interesting was the discussion started on the movie, but went a really wild direction.

Interesting to me, because of the variety of voices that were heard. Yes, I think now Bill Maher is a nut. He's not someone I'll TiVo to watch later. But what I found truly interesting, were the *extremes* of all opinions. The Muslim fellow on the far left of the row of folks (I am assuming here he is Muslim) was the reasonable one that seemed to most want a moderate discussion. Interesting, eh?

I understand all Christian folks want our views out there with hopes we can convert any and all around us. But does shoving it down anyone's throat make it go down easier?

At the same time, I think that woman in the interview should view her role there on that show like Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View. Walk in the fire, expect to get burned. If you choose to run with the lions, you might get bit. The uglier we choose to be as we represent our faith & beliefs, the less likely a non-believing friend is to join us on Sundays.

Philosophy for the day, huh?

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