Monday, October 19, 2009

10/15/09 Ransom Lesson

I let Ransom warm up only briefly before hopping on. Back of the arena was still puddly, so I kept my ride to the front low circle.

He was awesome! I did a lot of work at sitting trot, convincing him we'd canter when I was only darn good & ready. After some anticipation, and plenty of sitting to rising trot in and out of walk, we worked on his canter a bit.

Jen pointed out something I guess I knew, but it hadn't registered. To get a good leg cue on Ransom, I was having to lift my heel to get any pressure for forward go. Yeah, not good. I concentrated real hard on not doing this, but it just wasn't working out.

Despite my concentrating on my bad legs, Ransom did great. Most of his transitions looked pretty good, he moved out nice enough, and seemed to be really concentrating on the day.

Cold front blew in over night long after our ride. Was well appreciated too, because it was a humid nasty blob for the ride. Total work, about an hour, with the upcoming week concentrated solely on test pieces before Sunday's show.

Countdown to Sienna, 10 days.

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