Thursday, October 15, 2009

Check This Out!

Look at the comparisons! Conservatives are none to happy, and most Liberals love him (though that's not what I read earlier today). Independants are square in the middle, so the average looks to be about right.

Look at Obama compared to Bush. And look at the timelines. In the first 100 days, neither were well-loved. But right after Sept 11, 2001, look at our country. We were all waiting to see, what would he do?! How would our leader protect us?

And check out the approval rating! 81%!!! Don't you Libs tell me you really hated Bush the entire time he was in office. That's balogna! Complete hockey-posh!

Remember when Fmr President GW Bush said to the NYC Crowd, "I can hear you. Can you hear me? Good! Pretty soon, the people that knocked down these buildings will hear ALL of us!" The crowd went wild! I remember almost bursting into joyful tears! We were going to get 'em! No way they'd come after us again!

Too bad I don't feel that safe now.


Mrs Mom said...

I feel less safe every single day.

Pretty darn sad IMO.

Jennifer said...

What struck me.. was Fmr Pres GWB had similar overall approval ratings before 9.11.01