Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10/07/09 Firestorm

I walked in it this morning.

And I'm okay with what I said and what I believe.

I'm still Conservative, though I do believe there are some Biblical roots in Liberal beliefs.
I still think the Democrats have NO BUSINESS in office. I still disagree with 90% of what Obama is trying to do. I still think NaziPelosi is a nut, and belongs in California for good.

If you follow the links, and join the discussion, be kind. I saw one blogger ask for kindness, and then take a whole hearty whack at the original poster. Be truly kind, no matter your side of the argument. If you wanna take a whack at me, find my email, and let me have it. Keep the nasties off my blog. I will delete nasties without warning or cause, and will most likely send you a nasty email suggesting you grow up & act like an adult. To the best of my knowledge, I don't have any immature children responding on my blog as of late, so you have no excuse. :)

Back to the regularly scheduled blogging, about to be in progress.


Willow Witch said...

NaziPelosi, I LOVE IT.....

Jennifer said...

I can't take credit for it.

It's a Sirius/XM Satellite Radio talk show host's nickname. I think Mike Church gave her that. I think...