Thursday, October 1, 2009

Friendly Support

Found this startling, but awfully funny.
Well, ladies, I've decided to pass it on, as well. One in true support, and one a bit as a peace offering.

Eventing A GoGo, to shoosh away all the bad karma that's on her precious mare. GoGo, you take the bra, and chew the snot outta it! But quit getting sick, would ya?!?
Eventing Draft - Peace, huh? I know everybody misses Brego stories, and I promise I'll shut up. I promise!

Thanks Miss Jen. Needed the good laugh, and the, um, support. What did we say last week, Mrs. Mom, about a topic much like that image? Oh Funny!


Mrs Mom said...

LOL Gril, I said we needed MORE support! ;)

Nice pic too....LOLOLOLOLOL

Daun said...

Hey Jennifer! LOL, you made me laugh today. Thanks for the "support" and I appreciate it. Trust me, my blogging muse has left me and it may return, but your silence won't make me any happier. :)

Keep up the good fight!