Thursday, October 1, 2009

09/30/09 Romeo's Second Round

How absolutely fun! I had chores to do after work, errands that needed running, and I blew off all adult-like responsiblity. Changed my shirt, slid into my boots, and grabbed my little pony.

Yeah, grabbed. How about ten minutes of watching him run around like a three-year-old, goofing off bucking, farting, and galloping out of reach. He and Ransom both did the run-around, and when I finally realized he was tired, I told Romeo, "Whoa", and started walking towards him. He tossed his head up in defiance, so I turned my back & took one step away. I noticed he was walking towards me, so I turned back around, and asked him, "Are you done yet, booger?" He dropped his head, took a heavy sigh, and let me halter him.

Saddled up in the western bit, and western saddle. Offs we go! I let him go the arena at a trot just a bit, checking for happy-feet. He was great, so I jumped on.

I rode for about a half hour, mostly canter. He gave me one full go around really fast, to which I laughed. "You won't do that for long, little fart. I know this." When he slowed down, I did some refresher "quick stop brakes" and trot reminders. When the walk, trot, and whoa were all solid, I slid him back into the canter with a little "coming & going." I made the long sides of canter quick, and tried shortening his stride in the short sides. It didn't go perfectly, but his ears were up & forward, and his mind was on me.

Our total ride was about 35 minutes, so including his pre-warmup nit-fit, about 45 minutes of work. He was slathered up in sweat when I got him back to the trailer, and was more than happy to have his face and whole body hosed off.

Grown up responsibility set in around 6:00, so I hurried through the shower, fed the kids, inhaled cereal for supper, and made it to choir by 7:05. Pretty impressive, if you ask me, considering choir is 20 minutes from home. Yay me!

Plenty to catch up on tonight before I grab Ransom. I will be riding him tonight, weather-pending.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a fun ride on Romeo! 35 minutes? I wish my hors was fit enough to be able to canter for half an hour!

Did the weather cooperate with your Ransom riding plans?

Jennifer said...

Oh yeah - Ransom played Thursday & Friday, as described above.

Romeo got his turn in the puddles & muck on Sunday.

Otherwise, weekend was a wash. Splish splash