Friday, October 9, 2009

10/08/09 Ransom Gets His Revenge

After organizing my things, I fed the boys supper, went inside to feed the little ones, and grab a shower. By now, R had shown up, a bit of a surprise. We had discussed him coming over to take some pictures of Ransom, but that got scratched when my ride changed. Nevertheless, he was there, so I was trying to hurry to get finished & cleaned up. Plans included some work on the trailer.

I went outside to help, and noticed Ransom standing half-in, half-out of his stall. I thought it strange, since had a bunch of hay he hadn't touched. He looked a little down... I looked in his stall at his supper bucket - still almost full. What the??

Brought him out, he seemed depressed and slow. Listened to his tummy, but didn't hear much. Lunged him a little bit, his tail came up, but nothing came out. Standing with him in the side yard, trying to think of what to do next, he dropped his head and grabbed a mouthful of grass. What the??

Brought his dinner grain to him, and poured some of it in a very shallow pan. He started eating, very slowly. He'd take a bite, then look around a little, and another, all ittie bittie bites of supper. What the??

I called Jen. We decided it was probably the weather looming, along with a little jealousy of not getting to ride and play. So I gave him 500lb of Banamine, which he promptly tried to spit out (probably getting rid of some of it). Squirted a bit more in his mouth, which he kept in. I turned him out, gave him water and hay where I could keep my eye on him, and watched, and waited.

About a half hour after the medicine, he had already eaten one flake of hay, and drank a little.

Thank Goodness, was the worst of it over?

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