Friday, October 9, 2009

Peace Prize - What the Heck?

You didn't really think I'd let this one go without a comment, now did you? Puh-leeeeeeze.

Community Organizer and State Senator Wins 2009 Peace Prize

Okay, that subject title is a very toned-down version of what I'm really thinking. I'm trying to keep the place rated PG, and today is one of the hardest days so far to complete this effort.

My thoughts in the order I had them this morning...

#1 He what?! You're kidding me, right? It's an early April Fools Joke. It has to be! He hasn't accomplished ANYTHING but a few speeches since taking office! There's no way that's true!!

#2 Well, Heck. They gave it to Al Gore for the Global Warming efforts as scientists were discovering it's not true. Maybe the Nobel guys need to drink more coffee. I sure hope the Physics and Chemistry voting committees are different people, because I liked their choices this year.

#3 He was in office for 12 days when his name made the list?! So they gave it to him based on the campaign rhetoric?! Huh??? Pickings must have been slim on the list of "folks that are trying to save the world."

#4 It's an anti-Bush statement. They were all mad at our former President for his war efforts, in his mission post 9-11. Yeah, that's it.

#5 Maybe they're reaching out. Maybe they're saying, "Hey, dude. You're the only hope we see anytime soon for true efforts of World Peace and International Diplomacy. Now, don't blow it.

It's a shame he's meeting with War and Defense Officials today about Afghanistan and Pakistan to hear troop level options. You know darn well now that Mister Peace won't choose to send off more troops.

May God Bless the ones already there, because they're not going to get any relief now.

And a Big Shout-Out to Sirius Satellite Radio. There were Evil Disturbances in the Force this morning, so my mind turned the station to Sirius 144, then to 131. Imagine my shock when the newscasters on Fox & Friends announced the Headline of the Day. Oi Vey!


Yankecwgrl said...

Honest, I expexted THIS POST before the horsie ones, and before the Friday Fill ins! Glad you FINALLY got around to it!


Jennifer said...

I had to get over the initial shock.

With the Nobel Prize comes a financial award of
(You ready For this?)
$1.4 million

You think he'll donate it to charity?
You think he'll put it towards the multi billion dollar deficit he's created?

Mrs Mom said...

Yep- I saw that first thing this AM. Was glad I had not eaten breakfast.

Now- as Dear Husband pointed out, comes a conundrum: Can he accept it? $1.4 Mil could be one heck of a bribe. Is there legal precedent for this? No sitting President has ever won before.....

Of course, whats to stop them. The office corrupters currently in power have thrown out the US Constitution, and make things as they see fit anyhow.... why stop at this?

Makes me sick.

But that might just be my Libretarian streak speaking ;)

Stephanie said...

What the Heck???? is right!!

It is jsut to bizzare to try and figure out.

Jennifer said...

Rumors are he was awarded the prize for what they *hope* he will accomplish.

Yeah... *hope*.. Here we go again...