Friday, October 9, 2009

10/8/09 Rans-eo?

I got home after work. Changed clothes, watered the dogs, ate most of an apple, and went Ransom hunting. Found him, gave him the rest of the apple, and took him to saddle up.

I brushed him off, and prepared to clean hooves. CRAP! Shoe missing, right front. Dang-It! I gave him a cookie, apologized, and turned him loose.

Grabbed Romeo, said, "Sorry buddy. It ain't your day off, after all." Saddled Western, french link bit. We got right to business in the arena.

Played for about 40 minutes, walk, trot, canter. Worked on a handful of transitions. I found him to be antsy after the canter warm-ups. All he wanted to do was run, run, run. He would either stiffen his whole body and refuse to walk on, or try to pick up a speedy trot. Better yet if I'd just let him canter.

We rode through dressage tests Intro B, and Training 1. I think I did both in the opposite "order" though, starting out heading right instead of left, or left instead of right. I got a good giggle out when we came from trot to walk at "A" one time - I let out a little too much air in my transition, and he halted solid & square. I squeezed him back to a walk, and he let out a huge sigh. Goober.

Romeo was covered in white frothy sweat after our ride, so I walked him out until he wasn't puffing hard, and hosed him down. Gave him a handful of cookies as payment for his last-minute service request, and turned him out for supper.

It was an incredibly warm, windy, humid evening. There's a cold front coming on Friday, and usually for the first few of the fall season, the wind whips hard out of the south trying to fight it. Makes for sweltering conditions. Mucho Yucko!

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