Thursday, October 8, 2009

My PSA And Your Responses

Here's the PSA.

Look at the comments! That's the most on one post from that many different voices, ever!

Thanks for the positive support. I do really appreciate it.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm afraid it needed to be said and I'm glad you did. The state of education in this country is abysmal. More kids are graduating without the benefit of learning anything. I'd love it if they could at least read and spell. I wonder if all the text messaging has something to do with the misspelling of everything? I don't think so, I used to take shorthand but I could still spell.

Jennifer said...

If it were children committing the spelling and grammatical sins, I would not have spoken. Kids should be entitled to screw up frequently - That's how we learn. If I saw a child spelling poorly, I would try to be much more cheerful and helpful.

These are spelling and grammar disasters I see from blogging adults. The largest reason it bothers me lately - these are parents of kids discussing how they're going to teach little Johnny or baby Sally how to be a respectable member of a productive capitalist society.

Oi Vey! Please say it's not so!!!