Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10/13/09 Romeo

The rains came Tuesday, and brought even more puddles to the pasture and the arena. I chose to give Ransom the day off. Now, I could've really sucked it up, put on his surcingle, and worked him on the line in side reins. There was enough room to do that carefully. But I didn't want to chance a slip, a slide, or an injury.

So I grabbed Romeo, saddled him Western, French link bit, and offs we went. "To the mailbox, my trusty pal!" I could see dark clouds, and heard booming thunder. Knowing I needed to get the mail & get on home, I got him on the first clear part of the road, and picked up trot. clop clop clop clop ... cool sounds hooves make on the roadside.

We encountered...
One slow-driving neighbor coming towards us.
One fast-driving neighbor towards us, who never even slowed down to pass. grrrr
Goats in the pasture
Horses nickering & calling out
A moderately sized killer chihuahua barking his little head off at us, running circles around us
Another car on the paved road, who slowed just enough to wave at us
Mud puddles and soft hoof-eating dirt

When we arrived at the mail, I leaned over, told Romeo, "Now's a good time to NOT move!" I had to lean pretty far over, as my mail lady LOVES to stuff everything way to the back of the box, just out of reach. Gathered up the mail, stuffed it under my saddle horn, gave Romeo an atta-boy pat, and headed for home. That stupid yappy little dog followed us a while longer, running circles around, yappy yappy yappy. YUCK!

On the way home, another car-driving neighbor was behind us, and just as soon as I realized it, I got out of her way off to the side, and she carefully zipped by.

With walk and trot, the mailbox, the spooks, it tooks us about 25 minutes to go fetch the mail. A cool ride! He wasn't the least bit tired when we got home, even better!

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