Wednesday, September 30, 2009

09/29/09 Drunk Fish

That's what I felt like riding Ransom hunter last night. My left heel didn't want to stay down, and when it did, my ankle was jabbing. I couldn't keep my bottom in the saddle with the stirrups where they were. So I lengthened them out one, and it got a little bit easier to use my seat cues.

We did some bending in and out at the walk for warmups, and some work at the trot to get his attention. Broke the canters up with plenty of walk and trot in between. As I loosened my little self up, I snuck in a little sit trot, though I felt him shorten his stride as we did it.

Ransom perhaps took advantage of my lack of balance, by refusing any efforts of collection. He was incredibly irregular in his speed, I'm sure from my lack of balance, and irregular leg pressure.

I'm way too used to my long stirrup length and ease with which I can control leg on, leg off. In that hunt saddle, it was too easy to rest my calves on him, and he responded in kind.

I seriously felt like a drunk fish flapping all over my tack for our 45 minutes of fun in the arena. He took good care of me, and kept me in the tack, just not pretty.

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