Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Even My Mom Taught Me

To think before opening my mouth.


In some way, this is outright funny. Yet, in some other, what was he thinking?!? First, it's beer in the White House. Now, he can't control his tongue on camera.

Which of you Libs wants to go teach the man how to behave out in public? Huh? If I do it, he's gonna get slapped upside the head too many times. Yup. The Conservatives call him a LIAR and it makes national news. He uses cuss words to describe another human being, I wonder if that will be "okay."

And, yes, Kanye West didn't think before he grabbed the microphone from Taylor Swift. He admitted he screwed up, he apologized. But is this really a matter involving a Presidential response? Seriously?!

Last I checked, the economy still needs work, health care bills are floating all over D.C., and we're still at war!


Mrs Mom said...

Gotta love the potty mouth going on here...

What is up with this anyways? Before, we had Liberals making movies on how to KILL BUSH, there were bumper stickers all over proclaiming BUSH LIED. And yet, we dare to question this ... this... person and we are made into horrible terroristic insane fanatics?

He forgets-- he was Elected BY THE PEOPLE,



He is supposed to represent the American Public.

God save us all.

Mrs Mom said...

And yes, I will still continue to cling to MY God and MY Guns, Thank You Very Much.

Jennifer said...

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!
Me Too! Me Too!

Hey, in case you didn't keep up with it, That fella in Pennsylvania that had the open-carry at the Lib rally?? Not Guilty! He followed the law with his visible handgun, and furthermore, never threatened anyone, and was not in the barricaded area with the weapon. Totally legal, totally allowed.

(Very near the town I grew up in, thank you very much!)