Saturday, September 19, 2009

09/19/09 Bang!

Bang! Bang! Bang! I have found the perfect stress relief. Never thought I'd even be saying it loud, no mention of thinking it would be so much fun I'm looking forward to doing it again.

giggle* I'm in fact sitting here, grinning to myself, and even chuckling a little bit at the notion.

Jen and her DH finished up shredding down the pastures and discing up the arena. My back, my legs, and my poor Ransom were all crying out the same things - give us the day off! So I skipped riding on Saturday. Spent the morning finishing up more house & yard chores, like mowing & a bit more laundry.

Early evening, R and I gathered up a few things, and went to the gun range. Yup! Yankee-girl gone mad. We've been window-shopping for a pistol that fits my hand & I am comfortable with. And after this old trip, I thought I had a pretty good idea. After our evening, I have a slightly different idea. I almost hate to say it out loud, for fear that clerk ever wanders to my blog, but oh heck, I'll go for it. A few of those 9mm he handed me that felt big, heavy, and overwhelming, might've been right on the mark. Darn it! If he hadn't been so rude & ugly about my lack of knowledge, I might've been more open to listen to the cranky little turd.

Anyways, R handed me a 9mm, and I got my little mind all psyched. "Here we go. This won't be a big deal. Just pull. Worst I'll do is hit those darned weeds above the target. No big deal. There's nobody here I'm trying to impress. Can't get any better if I don't try." Bang! *giggle* That wasn't so bad. Peek - hey! I didn't do too bad, either. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! (repeat repeat repeat some more)

We walked up to the target. With the exception of about two shots, I did incredibly well! And, hey, for that matter, I had fun doing it. We repeated this silly exercise in stress relief for a few hours worth. I had an absolutely wonderful time, and am looking forward to the next event. I learned a lot, and got a little more comfortable.

Afterwards, we went to see another friend & the band she's in play - Tin Star. More time hanging out & carrying on with some friends. They were also pretty good, and looked like they were having tons of fun doing it.


Yankecwgrl said...

hummmm, why didn't you call me and ask me to get the HOLE ready if you were going to shoot the 'paper'?

Mrs Mom said...


It's all about Center Mass, Baby- Center Mass! ;)

Jennifer said...

When I asked if he wanted to go to the range & Kill paper, R said to me,
"If you want to kill paper, that'll be good. I don't mind cooking it, but you're cleaning it."