Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09/08 And Then the Rains Came

I could make some snarly comment here ... something like "You All had to work, I didn't".. but nah, I won't do that.

Woke up too early for a vacation day. So have you done the math yet? I was first excited to have four days off, Tuesday makes five. Yup, took an extra vacation day. Had some repairs on the house scheduled for Monday, that got postponed to Tuesday.

My leaking roof was repaired, at a very reasonable cost, with discounted supplies. Fantastic! As the last shingle was being nailed, sprinkle-showers started. (I'd almost forgotten what true rain looked like.)

Then, in the afternoon, the clouds opened up. It absolutely positively, POURED at my house. It rained solid-steady for almost a half hour. Not so much to make puddles everywhere, but enough to water the pastures, the yard, my flower beds, and my ponies.

Tuesday lesson cancelled, well, postponed to Thursday. The rain is appreciated, though it delays my riding even further. Darned weather. Choir tonight, along with garden duty at church beforehand.

Thank You God, for the rain. It's not the best timing, with the end of month show coming and all, but Thank You.

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