Thursday, September 17, 2009

09/16/09 Mom, Add Leg, Right ... Yeah!

There ya go, Momma! Add a teensie weensie bit of leg pressure when you ask for down transitions. No, I know you're not used to it.. But if you don't add a little leg, look at the neat giraffe impression I can do?! Ain't that cool!!

Ransom & the loose ring twisted wire bit. Much better! I was in , um , a bit of a strangled hurry. I had supper plans and choir to scramble off to. As I warmed him up free around the arena, skipping the side reins, I prayed he'd get my message quickly and choose to cooperate. The last two times I'd tried to get a "quick ride in", we argued and half hour rides turned into two hour arguments.

He got my drift. I hopped on, and we did debate a couple transitions. Overall, he was pretty awesome. I picked up some warm-up canters on the low circle, then travelled all the way around the ring, almost giggling. Ransom's canter-right felt pretty long-strided, especially down the long sides. Goober - third straight riding day, and he was *still* set to fly.

We worked through a bunch of trot and walk transitions. A *whole* bunch. I did them down the long sides, transitioned at the imaginary letters, transitioned on the low circle, anywhere I could. The more we did, the better he got. I think he's getting the hint, and I'm also learning.

If I wanted a good down transition last night, I had to add just a little leg. If I squeezed knees-only, he'd toss his head up. If I squeezed with a bit of calf pressure while closing my hands, he had more collection in the transition.

So it'll be a balancing act to determine what kind of mood he'll be in, every day leading up to the show. We worked for a very brief 40 minutes total. Ransom's got a lunge-date tonight he doesn't know about yet. Mom is running off to the big city tonight, but I've scheduled you some muscle-building work anyways. Don't worry, monster. She knows where the cookies hide.

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