Saturday, September 19, 2009

09/18/09 Ransom Lesson

I spent the morning doing some yard work, house work, and then sprinted back to town for a lunch break. Managed myself an awesome rotten headache to start off the day, which I nursed for a while in the afternoon.

Ransom warmed up pretty nice, though a bit distracted by the tractor & disc working in the arena. Jen's hubby Robert was discing up the arena, making it sweet & soft. When I got ready to ride, he quickly sprinted out of the arena.

We worked through Training test 1 twice, and found a stickie spot - From trot to halt at X. Only way Ransom wanted to stop was to toss his head up. I ended up settling on decent - not nearly what I'd like to see. I am hoping this will improve in the coming week.

Trot transitions weren't so bad, and the canters were alright. A bit less collection than I'd like, but really not so bad. Rode for about an hour total. Not really a particular homework - item to perfect, except to mix up the transitions, and keep things different down centerline for a few more rides.

Countdown to Sienna - 9 days.

After my lesson, continuing our music-filled weekend, R and I went to town & got to listen to a friend of ours play in his band, Pop Rocks Ugly. (NO idea where the name came from, but it's funny, huh?) They were quite good, and looked to be having a blast playing & singing. If you're in town & get a chance to listen, go for it! Great sound, even in a small room.

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