Monday, September 14, 2009

09/12&13/09 The Rest of the Story

Like a Paul Harvey moment, huh?

Saturday early afternoon brought a local church concert event in town. Our choir and praise band were all in the action, and, except for some general sound issues, it went rather well. We did start a little early, rather than the ridiculous late they'd anticipated. I got the honor of opening up our choir set with my solo from last year. Nifty Neat! Singing on another sound system, with somebody else working the board that I'm not familar with, makes me appreciate our church's sound guy all the more. He's already my fave, but we try to not tell him that too often. Inflates his ego a bit too much.

Got rolling on the road after the concert, picked up Jen and her DH, and off to Houston we went. Found our way to a fabulous Italian supper, and then to the Woodlands to hear Nickelback - final US concert of the show season. Yahoo!

They were musically just as fantastic as they were in June, though the second concert was more yapping & less music. I wasn't super happy with all the BS in between each song, and recognized there was less music this show than last. Still, they did all but one of my favorites, and were still awesome.

Drive home was a bit eventful. Nasty heavy thunderstorm about an hour from the house, but R carefully carried us through it. Thank you, baby. Ain't no way I would've kept driving, but you got us home, all in one piece, and we appreciate it.

I slept soundly once I found my bed, about 2am Sunday morning.

Sunday found a blessed church service, a well-earned nap, and a baby shower / housewarming party R was invited to. Nice pretty new house, all cute baby gifts. I wish the happy couple all the best for their third.

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