Tuesday, September 29, 2009

09/28/09 Romeo

I grabbed my full chaps, slid 'em over my breeches, grabbed Romeo and his English bit, and offs we went.

Walk, trot, whoa, backup, and his turns, all bareback, between the side yard, front yard, and his pasture. Working out a good extended trot in the pasture - flat fun! With everything shredded down short, he did very well. Not bad for about a month off. A neighbor fellow went scooting down the road on his bicycle. Romeo planted all four feet & stared at the bike in sheer amazement. I got a good giggle out of it.

After a good half hour of flat goofing off, I called it quits. He did great, for the time he's had off. Need to saddle him up Western sometime this week, stick him in his Western bit, and check his neck reining & remind him of his instant-brakes a bit more.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that sometimes horses just need vacations since Cass is doing very well after his two months off.

Glad you had a fun ride!

Jennifer said...

It was nice to feel like I could "goof off" with Romeo.

He's become a steady-eddy, without much attitude, even on his "bad days". He ain't always show-pretty, but he sure is quiet when I need him to be.