Tuesday, September 1, 2009

08/31/09 Romeo Ends the Month

The sky looked gloomy, with rain on the radar just west of my house. It was a bit stagnant, sitting in the same spot, strengthening & weakening without warning. Ransom's lesson was set for Thursday, so a Monday ride would've meant two days off until lesson, which doesn't usually make for a good teaching session.

So I buried myself in long sleeves, jeans, boots, and an armor of bug repellant, and grabbed Romeo. He was happy to oblige, and a bit happier I believe when I slid over his back in his french link bit. He picked up a very long strided walk, ears pulled straight forward.

We wandered down the road each way from the house a bit. The deer were bounding around in the trees, squirting across the road from one side to the other.

I worked on walk & trot, and tried to focus on seat transitions. He was pretty compliant, but I could tell a bit annoyed we weren't going any faster. Need to work up courage to pick up bareback canter in the arena soon...

Played for about a half hour.

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