Monday, August 31, 2009

Last of August, Rest of the Weekend

Saturday night, R and I travelled to our hometown to watch Los Lonely Boys in concert. A very good show - I won't lie and say I'm a huge fan, but I am familiar with some of their music. They perform live very well, and the crowd was controlled - nice for an outdoor event. I was nursing a headache all of Saturday after my ride, despite Tylenol, Advil, a few naps, and oodles of water. In the mid-afternoon, it was all I could do to muster the energy to go for a few groceries. I was entirely glad to get back home after that. I was committed to go to the show, however, and was glad I did. Another event where, even though I've got the live performers on stage, I caught myself leaning against R, listening to him singing in my ear. *smile* There's at least one song now I can listen to on my mp3 player & remember that night.

Sunday, filled with church & choir kick-off event. Church was a blessing, as always. Without even knowing it, our Pastor, not even the speaker for the day, blessed me with his words. We had a guest speaker in, who did a marvelous job, and seemed to get quite a few folks' attention, which is good. In between church & choir, I had a quick lunch, did some laundry, and crashed out on the couch, that headache still mumbling around the back of my head.

The choir kick-off was a success for certain! We had guests from another church that will be joining us at Christmas, but even still, the room was FULL!!! How incredible to see so many in each singing part rustling through music & listening intently to our director. A fantastic time. The music this season will bring some challenges, but, if everyone comes to practice, I saw nothing we can't handle. Our staff provided a wonderful supper, filled with things even I could enjoy. Of course, again, listening to the voice behind me, and watching all the oogling eyes at supper. Take a picture! It'll last much longer! No need to stare, ladies.

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