Saturday, August 1, 2009

07/31 - 08/02 The Weekend

Friday, boys got new feet, right on schedule. Thanks, Mr D for rearranging a few other clients - Ransom sure appreciates having all four shoes again!!

Friday party was fun. Miss Connie was mucho surprised, which was great! When I got home, there was time to feed, change, and clean up just a bit. Then R and I went to dinner, and enjoyed a little time together before arriving at the party.

We got Connie one darn funny card. On the cover, was one butt-ugly-nasty-looking-middle aged fella. UGLY! Inside said, "See, there are things worse than birthdays." LOL The party was My Little Pony themed, a very fun idea for a 50yr birthday party. =) Much fun had by all. Had more than double the legal limit of sugar consumption, something almost needed since I didn't get much sleep Thursday night. The sugar crash was just enough that I slept like a dead weight Friday night.

Saturday morning my phone alarm went off super early. R had a work day, and Jen's R had a workday of sorts, so off we girls went. By 7:40am, we were pulling out of the WallyWorld parking lot, and on our way to Houston.

We went to Charlotte's, tried on plenty of things, and bought a few others. Then we wandered closer to the city, and went to the Galleria Mall. Much fun. Lots of window shopping, people watching and a bit of real shopping. A few CD's, Godiva chocolate, new pair of shoes... but lots of window browsing & overwhelming crowds. From the mall, we made one more browsing store pit stop headed towards home. Met up with my R at the same Buc-ees for a drink stop & check-in.

When I arrived home, I was greeted by happy horses. I ran inside, changed clothes, and headed for the barn.

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