Friday, August 14, 2009

No I Won't Turn it Down

Check it out! My hometown paper's editorial ding-a-ling, JD Prose, is back to work. Congrats for the new baby, I hope she keeps you up more nights - These last two articles are much more animated than a few before.

For a while, I was a HUGE JD fan! HUGE! He went right after former State Rep Mike Veon, who I had a personal beef with. Mr. Veon went on public television back when I was in grad school and boasted of "all the good he did for his region." I called him on it - he was a liar. Unemployment was through the roof, senior care was horrid, and kids weren't any smarter coming out his district than anywhere else. JD called him out on it, and later raised the roof when Veon was indicted for a variety of tax evasion & tax dollar misuse counts.

But, since the Obama-nation has taken over the country, JD has gone beyond anti-conservative. I don't really know what's happened to him - got married, made a couple babies, and he wants the government to subsidize the family, or what...

But Lookie Here... He's gone goofy on the Health-Care plan, too.. I comment & respond here, because they won't approve my comments anymore - Guess I got a little too personal about six months ago when he was anti McCain.. Not real sure.. So I vent here, where speech is free, and my blog is my own.

JD - Way off the mark, man.. We're not all Right Wing nvts that hate socialist health care. The polls don't lie - most of the country wants change in health care, but not the same change Obama wants... Quit blaming Republicans for showing up to the Town Hall meetings. If the Libs aren't showing up, it's not our fault. They're too cheap to buy the bus pass, we can't force them to participate. Conservatives have very few avenues to speak our mind right now - if the Congress folks elected want to show up to a meeting & get their rears arranged, that's their fault. Can't blame us for trying. (Guns & Bibles in hand at that.)

Speaking of.. I heard the funniest video from an African-American radio talk show host. Watched it on a co-worker's pc, and I wish I remembered the fellow's name.. Man he was funny. Called Obama the "long legged Mack Daddy" over and over. I like that nick name. I might keep it, just call him "MD". *giggle*

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