Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Senator Specter (D-PA) Gets An Earned Earful

I would say I feel bad for the guy, but I don't. He was voted in by Republicans, only to "change the rules of the game", and let the Liberal Flag fly over his head. Sucker!!! As the questions roared around the room, while some were only pieces of their anger, one fellow summed it all up by asking him something like, "Who in the room believes this health care bill is a good idea?" (No hands went up.) He looked back at the Senator, and said, "The people have spoken. Take THAT back to Nancy Pelosi."

I watched the video in full on Fox - He got what he had coming. I grew up in Pennsylvania, so I would know. He earned every jab, every bite, every snarl. Somewhere's in the debate, he had the nerve to tell the constituents "It was his break and he technically didn't need to be there, because he wasn't getting paid more to do so, but he was doing everyone a favor by coming to the meeting for a fair discussion."

I heard someone from the crowd shout, "We'll see about that next election time."
The crowd erupted in applause...

Change is A-Coming... If my locals were having Town Halls, you bet your dollars I'd be there. But, we're a Conservative-voting community - Heck! We've got Ron Paul (L) in the Big House, with John Cornyn (R) in the Senate. Do I always agree with Rep Paul? Heavens, no. But do I ever disagree with him for being Liberal? Definitely NOT!

If you can make a meeting in your area, Do It! The change the country needs ain't coming from the White House, it'll come only from showing up at the meetings, and telling the Officials we elected that we won't stand for their nonsense. Don't wait to show your opinion at the voting booth - do it now, before they make a larger disaster of the mess already there!!!

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Breathe said...

No kidding. Those insurance company PR pros are hard at it. We've got a vet and nurse here who's health insurance company refuses to cover his cancer surgery - instead they are spending his premiums (he's had insurance for years - now when he needs them, they are denying him) on defeating healthcare or anything that will make them have to shape up.


Here's a good place to check facts - neutral and happy to take on both parties:

It's where I go to avoid spreading falsehoods - something that many people are being tricked into doing.