Monday, August 24, 2009

08/21/09 It... Rained...

YahOo!! I spent most of Friday running errands, getting chores done. I got the oil changed in my truck, got the bug guts washed off, got a haircut, and a few other quick shopping stops.

Didn't get a ride in, however. R came over in the late afternoon to help repair my non-functional push mower (water in the gas, stupid thing), and install a motion light on the back porch. Jen came over to help with some chores around the house. We all got all the chores done around my house. Light installed, mower's working, grass is cut, laundry's done, house cleaned, dishes washed, kids all tended to.

I had made my choice to accompany R on a work trip to Houston Saturday, so Jen graciously agreed to feed the kids all the next morning. Enjoyed a very peaceful evening with my sweetheart after a long & busy day.

Friday night, IT RAINED! I estimate about another inch of liquid miracle fell on my property. Jen reported Saturday morning there was standing water in the stalls & in the paddocks. Yippeee!! Much needed water for the lawn and the pasture, especially right after mowing everything even. Very Very good, indeed.

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