Monday, August 24, 2009

08/23/09 The Boys

I got up early. I was going to ride Romeo. Then I changed my mind, then I was, then I wasn't, then I was, then I wasn't. Oh, heck. He's not going to care if I hop on bareback and get a little goofing off in. Plenty of thoughts have been rambling through my brain as to is my house still the right place for him?. Romeo knew my thoughts, because he behaved famously. Walk, trot, english bit, he was a champ. For the new feed (higher fat), and the longer breaks between rides, it wasn't noticable. We played for nearly a half hour, and he still looked a little short-changed and disappointed when I put him back in pasture.

After a very blessed church Sunday morning (fortunately, with no dramatic "whacks to the forehead" moments, but a few full of blessed good news), R and I wandered off to lunch, settled in for a good nap, and I scrambled home for a brief bit.

Grabbed Ransom in the surcingle, side reins, and dressage bit, and headed to the arena. He was incredibly stiff & stubborn to start, but by the end, he'd settled into a nice collected trot. His canter could've used some more work, but I had already been out with him on the lunge for quite a while. We got a good half-hour of lunge-work in, preparing him more for my lesson tonight.

Good times with both horses. A little riding, a little functional working. Better yet, a nice afternoon & late evening with R. He's off to work again today, returning tomorrow evening. Sending up prayers for safe uneventful travel, and peaceful discussions with the boss-man, should they become necessary.

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