Monday, August 3, 2009

08/01 Ransom

I intended on lunging him only. Hunt seat, Romeo's english bit, I was even in shorts...

After lunging on side reins for about twenty minutes, I just couldn't help myself. He was resistant at first, but gave promptly to the side reins, and was putting out a really nice collected trot.

So I hopped on. It was a fun ride! I focused on opening up my shoulders, and some light seat to two point transitions at trot. When I went to light seat - every single time - Ransom would stretch out his trot, and flip both ears back to me, as if to ask, "Go 'head Mom. Ask for canter. I'm ready, Mom. Really. You just squeeze easy, I'm here for ya, Let's ROCK!" *laugh* He can be a complete comedic relief sometimes.

Our ride lasted about 40 minutes, so total work, about an hour. It was more than intended, longer than I intended, but worth every moment.

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