Friday, August 28, 2009

reFlective Friday

How's that subject title for forcing it to sound like it Fits together? *laugh* I'm a nerd,, sorry guys. Ain't intentional, it just happens. Aren't you glad I get paid to be a nerd? If I did this daily for no good reason, well, then.. there's a thought to give ya nightmares. *giggle*

I'm in a Like It Don't // Like It Mood Today.. So here goes.

Like It ... When his number's on caller ID at work
Don't Like It ... It's August, and COLD in my office

Like It ... I'm cantering Ransom on every ride without fear
Don't Like It ... The mosquitos have overtaken my property

Like It ... SonnyBunz is doing better
Don't Like It ... Haven't seen an update from Mikey in a few days
(*of course, as soon as I blow this smoke, I see she posted an update.. Darnit*)

Like It ... Hurricanes are missing the Gulf so far this year
Don't Like It ... We need rain, desperately

Like It ... I've still got a good job
Don't Like It ... I want my promotion, and I want it NOW. I'm getting mixed signals worse than a bowl of spaghetti around here, and I'm sick of it

Like It ... I've got plenty of folks around that want to be around me
Don't Like It ... I can't replicate myself and do everything I want to

Like It ... My sweetheart's back in town
Don't Like It ... I'm still at work for another 40 minutes *smirk*

Like It ... Evenings are getting a little cooler
Don't Like It ... It's getting dark earlier

Like It ... When he holds me close
Don't Like It .. When the darned alarm goes off

Like It ... Choir starts back up Wednesday
Don't Like It ... Practice means one less ride-day

Like It ... I'm looking forward to the next Dressage Show
Don't Like It ... Part of me is terrified I'm making big plans for it. Nucking F-V-T-S

Okay.. Tag... Who's Next ..
looking, thinking, looking, thinking ...
I'm tagging Always There Are Horses AND Texas of All Places
Make a list!!! This will be fun! I listed 11 - why don't ya'll go for at least 5??

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