Thursday, August 27, 2009

08/26/09 Romeo Lesson

Pulled Romeo out of the pasture for his probably last time this week. In fact, until those pesky mosquitoes ease up, it might be my last ride for the week. Snotty monsters BITE! Saddled him up western, english bit, and wandered to the arena.

Warmed him up free lunge a bit, no issues. A little goofyness, but I figure he knew something was different about me - I meant business. Jen arrived, and I hopped on.

Neighbor's cows were grazing through the pasture, and Romeo's ears pinned on them. Cute! So, for a few minutes, Jen "played cow", and walked up & down the long side, turning frequently. After quite a few turns, Romeo started sticking his rear and turning on the haunches really nice... cute cute - his own little version of a rollback.

We had a great flying lead change lesson. Pick up canter on the low end circle, circle twice, cut across the diagonal, break to trot briefly before switching back to canter on new lead. Travel on new lead around the arena, and repeat on the circles. Worked through this exercise a number of times. Closer to the end we had some great results - it seemed to start making sense to him. Though.. some humorous parts of the lesson, as he was flipping his feets all over the place, trying to figure out what to do, combined with his general "lack of fitness", it probabably resembed this:

(I know, I know... I shouldn't tease him. Surely Romeo is sneaking on the blog & reading up on our antics, but I can't help myself...)

Rode for about 45 minutes, a good time. Nothing too spectacular, but we were having a good time. For now, I can feel like we're working towards something when I want to ride him more than a trail hack.

Tonight, mosquitoes pending, Ransom dressage. Anxious for this - I need to get started on picking up canter in the corner heading down a long side and into a 20m circle in the center. hmm... This makes me think. I bet, if I were courageous, and felt so darn ambitious. I bet Ransom will do flying changes. In fact, I bet I can practice on him, and see if I'm really giving the cues right or not... hmmmmmmmmmm

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