Thursday, August 13, 2009

08/12/09 Weather Update

About 6:45pm last night, I checked the radar, to see if the sound in the sky matched the actual weather. It did - thunder & rain loomed in the distance.

The last time it threatened a storm that ugly, I prepared for the worst, just to get 0.5miles from the house & hear a warning cancelled, and head back home to watch clouds breeze by.

This time, however, was real. A sweet heavy rainstorm pounded my yard & pasture, and as my eyes closed for the night, gentle rain and the occasional thunder continued to water the ground...

As of this morning, reports 0.74" of rain landed at the airport, not far from my home. Absolutely fantastic! I had a small puddle or two in the side yard, which I expect will be long gone by this afternoon.

Beautiful, sweet, refreshing rainstorm. It postponed my ride for another evening, but fit my mood just about perfectly, and was a wonderful sound to fall asleep to last night.

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