Monday, August 24, 2009

08/22/09 Why?!

Saturday was full of "oh Geez" moments. A few "Darn Its", and even a couple, "Can we have a do-over"?

The trip to Houston was delayed about an hour, and at Jen's brilliant suggestion, I sat peacefully listening to Enya & Norah Jones to stay quiet & happy. It worked, as we pulled out on the highway, me smiling away, humming under my breath.

We got almost all the way there, to be informed there would be a few hour delay for delivery. Hmm... they coulda shoulda said that before we woke up early & left. *sigh* Since we had some window-shopping to do, off we went! Now, girls in horses, we window-shop at saddlery shops, and try on breeches, and sit in saddles, look at bits, and ponder magazines & training books. Not boys... Nope! Boys go to gun shops. And gun shop we did!

Now, when we first walked in the store, one of the clerks, an older fellow, gave me a stern once-over glare. I thought to myself, "Dang it! I don't look that bad today! Jerk! What bug crawled up his butt?!" We looked around a while, and then approached the counter with a request. We wanted to try a few pistols in my hand, for size, and general weight & overall "hmm do I like this one or that one". That older clerk was, unfortunately, the first fellow to walk up and offer to help. One word - JERK! He knew I didn't know anything, and made sure I knew that he knew more than I did. I had one answer for him. "Yes, sir you're right I don't know much. Kind of the same as if you walked into a store for my hobby, you wouldn't know diddly squat, either." It's one of my pet-peeves, being looked down on by a self-proclaimed "field expert". I held a few, before walking off to another part of the counter, where we found one another clerk who was cheerful and helpful. Through this adventure, I found things I like, as well as a myriad of things I don't like. We did more looking around, and honestly, they all started looking the same... Much like I feel after trying on 4-5 pairs of riding pants, everything starts blending into everything else. With a bit of sensory overload, we got back to work.

About, oh, four hours or so later than we'd expected, we made the deliveries, and said farewell to our travelling companions to the city. It was, although long, a very uneventful trip - no wild flat tires, no "waiting for a strange engine problem", and the one travelling fellow I had bad experiences with before, this time, pleasantly surprised me by getting us out early. Good job, Professor!!

On the way home, we stopped for fabulous Italian dinner. Just love the place! Very Good food, great service, just a nice relaxing stop on the way. Heading towards home, we paused at an electronics store for a card reader. Wandering around for a few other things before checkout, I must've parted company with my driver's liscence. Arriving at the checkout, I didn't have it anymore. Darned thing.... That's on my replace-it-list for tonight after work. Darned thing..

So, our day thinking we'd get home in reasonable time brought us back home around 10pm. A very long day, but overall, a good one. Face it, a day with my sweetheart, even a working one, is better than a day alone.

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