Tuesday, August 4, 2009

08/03/09 Ransom

Tacked up dressage. I really, seriously, need to oil up his new bridle and get his french link bit back in-service.

Warmed him up real quick. He was a bit beyond lazy to get started, so I hopped on. Lots of working walk to free walk transitions to get his mind on collection & stretching down into contact.

Tried a bit of trot, and found him to be stickie & short strided. So I pushed him up into canter for a few times around the arena in both directions. After the canter work, I found him to be quite a bit better. His trot stride was much more flowing & extended. Very nice indeed.

Finished up the work with some walk to trot to walk transitions. Cooled down with more walk to halt transitions.

Total work about 40 minutes. It was beyond yuckie hot out, and both of us were flat pooped worn out after the session.


Mrs Mom said...

I'm here!! Thanks for the invite! ;)

Jennifer said...

False alarm, Momma.. I'm back. I appreciate your patience during my moment of temporary insanity.