Friday, August 28, 2009

08/27/09 #$&*% Bugs

I ate dinner early, as did the kids.. Got my clothes changed, sprayed with bug repellant. I caught Ransom, saddled him dressage, and as the mosquitoes swarmed, I realized we'd do a very quick warmup and work on nothing but walk - on the bit, off the bit, coming & going. But nothing much else.

He had a very brief warmup, I donned my helmet, and hopped on. By the other end of the arena, we were both covered in mosquitoes. I'm tolerant of the heat, I can handle some sprinkly rain, I'll even fight cold winter winds. But mosquitoes, I just don't do.

Rides are "on hold" until the monster mosquitoes subside. I hate that, but I can't force myself, or the boys, to concentrate while the needle-jabbing evil critters are eating me alive. nasty little bitches I hate Mosquitoes! Hate them hate them! Bad itchie allergie reactions that last at a minimum two weeks for each bite. I'm miserable when I get bit, and the more the nibbles, the worse I feel.

I unsaddled him, hosed him down, and added more bug spray. I'll be picking up something a bit stronger tonight, as the cheap spray I'm using doesn't seem to hold up very well. Even covered in monster mosquitoes, Ransom was still patient & easy going.. good boy!


Mrs Mom said...

MOSQUITO HALT!!!!!!!!!!! For real- out here on the coast, it is all Sonny likes. It will actually LAST for a couple days, AND it seems to help repel the &*@! sand gnats. Only thing that is not affected is those giant biting flies or the green headed flies. But everything else is GONE. Expensive, but when it will last up to three to four days, it's worth it!!

Jennifer said...

I'll look for it. They are absolutely out of control at the house. Can't understand either with the rain shortage we've had.

Breathe said...

Ooo, I'll have to try that. I'm allergic too.

Right now the skin so soft works, but our mosquitos have been pretty decimated by the drought.

Jennifer said...

Drought.. That's what I expected...

Unfortunately, just the few rainstorms we've had, on my sandy soil, made just enough puddles..

Nasty little monsters! BOOO BOOO... Goo away! BOO!