Monday, September 14, 2009

It Ought to be Obvious, But ...

Flu/ cold/ viral germ booger season has arrived. Everybody wants a "shortcut" - I mean, why bother washing your hands with soap & water, when Purell made a hand sanitizer shortcut. But maybe it's not that simple, after all...

Watch this stuff if you've got kids around that can get anywhere near it. Please remind any and everyone you know with small kids.

Hand sanitizer has ALCOHOL in it! How else would it work that well, huh? Kids will try ANYTHING - and too often, it's a taste-test. Unfortunately, they won't just get drunk. There's enough else in Purell (and all the others), you and your loved ones will spend too much time in the ER and recovery. The Snopes link tells two stories of sick kids, and their parents' anguish trying to figure out why their little ones were so sick. Purell puts "KEEP OUT OF THE HANDS OF SMALL CHILDREN" for a reason!

If you've used the sanitizer, please consider it a "short cut fix" until you can get your paws in some soap & water. When washing with soap & water, sing "Happy Birthday" to yourself - It's just about long enough for the soap to really work. The new and latest and greatest is a nice idea, but sometimes, the old fashioned stuff works just as well. And, besides, the soap gets rinsed off, and if your child decides to lick their fingers, they'll just get slobber on their hands, and not soap in their system. Soap will, *cough*, flush on through without too much technical difficulty. Hand sanitizer, not so much.

Pass it on to those you love & care about to help prevent the spread of flu . cold . and all those other cootie germs this viral season.

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Breathe said...

I also dislike those hand sanitizers. They're basically a pesticide - killing bacteria without removing it.

We sing the ABCs. Otherwise I think I'd start to feel a little old. :)