Wednesday, September 2, 2009

09/01/09 Making Lemonade

I hurried home after work, rushed the dogs to potty, changed clothes, sprayed down with bug repellant, and grabbed Ransom.

Brushed him off, looked at his.. feet.. dangit! Left rear shoe, GONE. That's the hoof that was buggered up to start with, a chunk of wall missing after a trailer-meets-hoof incident soon after I got him. Darn it! So I sprayed him with bug spray, and sent him back out with a few cookies & an apology.

When a Horse gives you Lemons, Get another Horse! =)

So I grabbed Romeo, Western saddle, English bit, running martingale, and off we went.

We worked for about 45 minutes, walk, trot, canter. Mostly walk/canter and trot/canter transitions, focusing on getting the right lead, staying at a decent pace, and staying collected. After a few intial road blocks of wrong leads and fussing with the martingale, he settled in nicely with some controlled circles & relaxed canter.

I had fun, though now I'm off Ransom until Monday when Mr Dale can arrive at the house. Darn it! I think Romeo will get one more day, though his feets are long too, and when he's not paying attention, his back feet meet his front shoes, clink clink clink. Turkeys. Everybody else in town has slow feet in this dry weather. Boy dog wow, not at my house - we got good food, good hay, and apparently just enough rain to have happy fast feets at my house.


Heidi said...

OH JENNIFER!! I am NOTHING BUT SILLY!!! Please dont be offened and I only said czar because it was the first word that came to mind! I would NEVER be nasty or rude to someone who takes the time to read my blog - unless they were being complete JERKS wich you were not! At least I never took it as such!! Feel free to always correct my spelling because I am not good at it! I love to make fun of myself and feel terrible that you thought otherwise... ok? SO dont you dare shush or shoosh or whatever!! Get it? Got it? GOOD!!!

Jennifer said...

I accept the nomination for Spelling Czar.

Do you pay in homebaked cookies? Please don't pay in children.. Unattended children will be given espresso and a free puppy.