Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09/02 Through 09/07 Updates

Where have I been? Geez whiz, I know folks. I'm entirely sorry. I had a few moments here & there in front of a pc where I could have updated & let everybody know I was alive.

Plain & Simple, the boys were dealing with loose shoes & over reaching (Romeo) or missing shoes (Ransom), so unfortunately there aren't many pony-stories to tell. Nevertheless, updates it is!

09/02 - Choir rehearsal. Back in the swing of things. We've got a pretty full room this year, and it's nice to see all the happy faces.

09/03 -Nothing much. A stressful week at work came to a relaxing end, with four days of time off scheduled.

09/04 - Again, with Ransom missing a shoe, I took the opportunity to haul him to the vet in town. Coggins and a brief exam. Vet saw nothing major wrong, though attributes the slightly runny nose & raspy breathing to allergies.

09/05 - Again, not much. I spent a good deal of time running here & there in town. Jen and I fetched breakfast together, and she tells the story pretty good here. Diaper Party. Hmm... Yes, it's double-dipping for gifts. Redneck ways of acquiring baby supplies for free, I suppose.

09/06 - Church choir is back in full season. The message was good, though the opening ten minutes or so left a foul taste in my heart I couldn't shake. Spent a good part of the afternoon at BBQ at Jen's place. I like it when she blogs before me - makes my typing less. *giggle* R and I enjoyed a late evening at his place - *hiccup* An entirely good evening, with just a speedbump or two.

09/07 - Mr Dale came to the house, Romeo barefoot now, Ransom a trim & four new shoes. Happy horses. R and I watched an afternoon movie together (HAH! I figured out "WhoDunIt"! HAH!). I grabbed Ransom outta his pasture, hoping I'd get to ride Tuesday, for a Monday night lunge. He was fabulous. A little frisky-fresh to start, but quickly settled into those side reins & really paid good attention. About 40 minutes total work for the big monster. Fun to be back in the equine-swing.

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