Friday, September 18, 2009

09/17/09 Ransom Lunge

*giggle* I had a date Thursday night, so Ransom got ... the ... day ... off? Oh no! He had to work.

And work hard he did. Read all about it here! Don't know much about them mosquitoes she lunged - pesky monsters.

R and I got surprise last-minute tickets to go see Chickenfoot in Corpus Christi. A fun time. To our surprise, the event was held in the side stage, not in the outdoor main stage. A bit discouraging - because the sound was squealing out of the speakers, and bouncing from the ceiling to the concrete ground & back. Made Sammy Hagar really hard to understand - something I find frustrating. If I don't know the music, I'd like to be able to understand it. If I do know the music, I really want to be able to understand it so I can sing along.

Their drummer is cool, but Nickelback's drummer is still better! *HAH*

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