Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2/1/1- HorseMaster - Post Meeting

Arrived at the barn to find Ransom standing outside, still, in the drizzle, no supper. HM staff informed us we were responsible for feeding, and stall maintenance. This was a bit different from what I was told by the barn management staff in an email. I quickly scurried around to find Ransom’s supper, and a stall. R was assigning us a stall, and getting water buckets ready when someone else put their horse in the stall we had picked out. Um, okay, so we found another one. No big deal. We left Ransom with his supper & water bucket.

The meeting was, um, informative? Yeah, sort of. I got all of the liability release paperwork signed off, no big deal. Also got to meet the recording crew and a few other participants. It was interesting. I felt like I had the “senior ride” moment of the night. One girl wanted to work on her horse’s cinchy fussy behavior. Another wanted to learn to cross water going through rather than jumping over. And here I am, I want to learn how to jump. JuMP! I’m nuts!

R and I had a fabulous breakfast for supper late, and settled into bed later than I would’ve hoped. My brain had its fill of busy, and while I slept a few hours, unfortunately, I stared at the ceiling a few hours.

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