Monday, February 15, 2010

2/13/10 The Ride

I saddled up Ransom, intending on a good long stretch, and some ground poles.

Ransom hadn't worked in, um, three days? And it showed. The cold, windy, irregular, wet weather had stiffened up his sweet old legs. He felt choppy and irregular. I didn't really fight him.

But he fought his bit. I put the full cheek slow twist on. Yuck is the best I can say. He fought it, he argued with it, he did all but tossed his head around with it. He refused to accept contact in any shape or fortune.

I got a few lateral flexes in on the ground, and in the saddle (halter & later bit), but he was just stiff & stickie.

It was a tense and somewhat unproductive 45 minutes. I did get to ride, so that was great.

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